Tokyo Nights is a branding project for a fictional Sushi bar. The project is based on my own Tokyo Nights fluorescent typeface design, drawing inspiration from cyber punk, Japanese minimalism and LoFi music.​​​​​​​
Poster for Tokyo Nights Sushi Bar
The typeface Tokyo Nights is used for all display text. The Carbon font family is used for body text.
The logo is a simple silhouette of a fish inside a piece of maki, a typical sushi dish. 
There are 3 variations of the logo. The main logo in color on a dark background is the preferred design, but where needed the black and white logo designs can be used on a dark or light background. 
The business card features the eye catching logo on one side, with the restaurant title and contact details on the other.
The menu is a simple trifold page, ideal for handing out to takeaway customers. As printing and folding the menu is an easy job, Tokyo Nights can guarantee a mint condition menu to all customers, at any time of the night.
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