This is my submission to a branding competition for Project Freedom to Learn, organised by University of Malta. 
Freedom to Learn, or F2L, is an application of new learning methods in selected primary schools in Malta, Poland and Italy. 
The branding needed to look professional, yet be attractive to a very young (from 5 years old) audience. 
My logo design is based on the characters F2L that together build an elephant. The elephant is a symbol of of wisdom, fortune and success in several cultures, and provides an easily recognisable character for children.
The elephant is drawn using circles from the Fibonacci Sequence to make the proportions of curves as visually pleasing as possible.
The clean design of the elephant and the pink gradients keep the design contemporary, fresh and fun whilst making the logo stand out. 
The logo is supported by a full branding manual including colours, typefaces and merchandise.
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